What is Kink?

What is Kink?

Also known as BDSM, Kink can be hot, sweaty, and erotic, but there is also a whole lot of trust, honesty, and loyalty needed. This is why it is a good idea for you to get to know your BDSM partner before getting involved in this very special relationship. Just like dating, it is important for you to share what is important to you as well as learn more about your new partner.

At the beginning, it is very important to establish a safety word or a series of them. Like Banana, something very easy for both of you to remember. The most common series of words used are; Green which usually means “everything is good”, “keep doing what you are doing” and in some cases – “give me a little more”. Yellow usually means, “stay right there, no more – no less”. And Red “stop right now – this is not fun”.

So what about Bondage?

The safest item to use is a good old fashion rope. The use of nylon stockings, silk or poly blend scarves or ties are sometimes sexy and seem gentle to use, but for the most part are harmful and sometimes dangerous. Because they are made with slippery fabric, they tend to slide, making the knot tighter and difficult to remove and at times cutting off circulation or cause pinching, which could possibly cause nerve damage. This is also true for handcuffs, leather straps, surgical tubing, etc. So listen to your body! Watch for numbness, if your extremities start to feel numb, or even a change in body temperature from normal to cold this usually means that the restraints should be loosened and may be pressing on a nerve or cutting off circulation. Communicate this to your partner and insist on adjusting them.

Last but not least, be sure to place yourself or your partner in a comfortable position. Communicate with your partner, and remember your values and boundaries and insist that they be respected. Self care is very important, and before submission happens, all of the ground rules should be discussed and agreed upon. Listen to your instincts, if the situation doesn’t feel comfortable – that is a good sign to excuse yourself. There are many different safety suggestions for the many different facets of BDSM. Do your homework and learn a few of them before diving in. As fun as BDSM can be, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Text borrowed from: http://gaymenshealth.org